Soft Hats Designed for Women with Hair Loss
All hats made in USA of soft 100% cotton
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Soft Hats Designed for Cancer Patients

Our collection of cancer hats, chemo caps, cancer scarves and chemo sleep caps are all designed very specifically for cancer patients in chemotherapy. Our specialized headwear is sized to fit a head with hair loss — styled to completely cover the hair line — and made only with 100% cotton fabric.

Just In Time soft hats, caps, scarves and head wraps are comfortable enough to be worn all day and so flattering they appear to be worn by choice, not necessity.

Our quality chemo headwear is all about the details in construction. Our details make the difference between cancer hats with real style and cancer hats that are just "make do."

Chemo headwear can be the perfect gift for a cancer patient struggling to conceal her hair loss. Our gift services include a free personalized gift note and gift wrapping ($2.99), as well as separate billing and shipping addresses.

Need help making a selection? See Hats for Cancer Patients – Buying For Someone Else.

All Just in Time cancer headwear is made in the USA.

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