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Chemo Head Wrap

The Chemo Head Wrap has gathering around the base of the hat for fullness in the crown of the hat. Long attached ties wrap abound the base of the hat and may be tied in a variety of ways — see picture.

Chemo Head Wrap
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Chemo Head Wrap
Chemo Head Wrap
soft, washable 100% cotton
" Your hats are constructed so beautifully and look so wonderful. I receive compliments whenever I wear them - and I never expected to receive compliments while going through my treatments. "
C.S., Vernon Hills, IL
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Dark Brown
Dusty Blue
Heather Gray
Style # S516 $26.99
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Dark Brown — only $22.99 (regular $26.99)
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More About the Chemo Head Wrap...

The Chemo Head Wrap is one hat with three different ways to wrap and secure the attached ties, each way creating a different look.

  • Finish off with a knot to the front side, tuck in the ends — see far right in picture above.
  • Twist ties in front before knotting, tuck in the ends — see far left in picture.
  • Finish off the ties with a soft bow to hang in back — see center bottom in picture.

The long attached ties wrap around the hat 2 or 3 times, depending on whether it is finished off with bow in the back or a knot in the front. This layering of the ties around the base of the hat add interest and body. The wrapped ties frame the face nicely and make this a very flattering style.

The Chemo Head Wrap is a departure from typical cancer headwear, and is recommended for cancer patients and women with alopecia who are looking for a more sophicated look. It is also a good choice for women with hair loss who are seeking something to wear for special occasions.

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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