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Fold Up Hat

These chemo hats have a brim with terry cloth sandwiched between double folded fabric to give body and separation between the brim and the rest of the hat (Click "enlarge"). The adjustable brim can be narrower or wider for a personalized fit. Detailed with eight vertical darts in the brim that add additional fullness and interest. The crown is topstitched to hold its shape.

soft, washable 100% cotton
" I recently got the chance to tell you over the phone how much I'm loving my hats, but I continue to get compliments every week on them, and people want to know where I got them. I had two women approach me at the same time last week - one who had just started chemo, and another who was doing it for the second time. The next day I was approached by a woman in the grocery store who has a friend in another state going through treatment, and she wanted to pass along the info to her. And on yet a separate occasion, a woman, who apparently didn't realize that I was wearing the hat for reasons other than fashion, exclaimed "I love your hat! I want that hat!" I just thought you'd appreciate all of the positive feedback that my head seems to be generating! Thanks again "
J.F., Grand Blanc, MI
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Light Blue
Soft Beige
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More About the Fold Up Hat...

The brim in this hat can be worn two different ways, each way gives this style a different look. Directions are included with purchase.

  1. The brim may be folded twice on itself, creating a narrower more rounded kind of brim.
  2. The brim may be folded once for either a narrow or wide fold, see picture above.

This chemo hat is a good choice for women in chemotherapy looking for a simple, uncomplicated, basic style that does look like it is worn to conceal hair loss.

Recommended for women with medium to large heads. For recommendations for women with small heads, please call 215-977-7777 or email me at

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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