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Reversible Hat and Braid Set

The reversible hat may be worn with or without the braid overlay – see pictures.

The no-fuss, four part overlay braid is pre-braided — no adjusting is necessary — and is simply worn over the reversible beanie.

soft, washable 100% cotton
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Black/Heather Gray
Black/Soft Beige
Soft Beige/Ivory
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More About the Reversible Hat and Braid Set...

Designed for cancer patients who need headwear that is both comfortable and versatile. Made from two layers of light weight 100% cotton jersey, it's a good choice for all seasons.

This reversible cancer hat is made with two complementary colors. The under side folds over the outer side to form a cuff of a contrasting color which you can make wider or narrower for a personalized fit.

The reversible hat itself is like having two hats in one, but, since you can wear the braid overlay with either of the two sides, there are actually four different ways or "looks" possible with this set.

Additionally, you can wrap your own scarves around the base of the hat as an alternative to the overlay braid, or you may wear the braid with any cancer hat you already own.

The hat alone is perfect for convalescing as well every day living. The addition of the braid overlay transforms the cancer hat into something rather elegant. The braid overlay is a very flattering accessory for women with hair loss in chemotherapy as it frames the face and adds body to the headwear.

The reversible hat and the braid overlay are perfectly matched in the same fabric and colors, so when the braid is worn with the hat it gives the impression of one connected piece of headwear rather than what it is — a hat with an accessory.

This style is not recommended for women with small heads. For recommendations for styles for small heads, contact me.

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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