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Chemo Sleep Cap

Benefits of the Chemo Sleep Cap:

  • Chemo Sleep Caps keep loose hair from collecting on the pillow.
  • These Chemo Sleeps Caps can also be used as a basic chemo caps, worn around the house once out of bed.
  • The Chemo Sleep Cap also keeps a woman with hair loss warm at night, especially in air conditioning.
soft, washable 100% cotton
"I am SO glad that I found your company. I can't imagine sleeping with anything else on my head. The sleepcap is SO comfortable!"
F.P., West Bloomfield, MI
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Charcoal Gray
Citrus Green
Classic Red
Dusty Rose
Light Blue
True Pink
Style # S585 $15.99
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Citrus Green — only $9.99 (regular $15.99)
Classic Red — only $9.99 (regular $15.99)
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More About the Chemo Sleep Cap...

Sleep caps are the type of headcovers that would never occur to you unless you were in chemotherapy and noticed that your head was cold at night or your hair was left on your pillow in the morning.

The Chemo Sleep Cap is deliberately designed not to look exclusively like "bed-wear." Although it is less elaborate than most cancer hats, it still has some fullness and draping to make it attractive enough to be worn in the daytime as well.

Most cancer patients with hair loss find one or more Chemo Sleep Caps become an essential part of their wardrobe of cancer headwear.

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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