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Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set - reversible chemo hat and two overlay ties

The Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set consists of one reversible chemo hat and two separate overlay ties. The ties are in the same two colors as the hat. The hat can be worn by itself or with a companion overlay tie which ties around the hat and is secured with a loose knot.

Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set
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Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set
Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set
soft, washable 100% cotton
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Black/Dark Brown
Black/Soft Beige
Navy/Periwinkle Blue
Style # W111 $22.99
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More About the Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set...

The combination of one reversible hat (two hats in one) and two separate companion overlay ties makes this original design seem like a small wardrobe of cancer hats. For example:

  • The reversible hat can be worn by itself, on either of the two reversible sides — see hat in top right of picture above.
  • The cuff on the reversible hat may be narrow or wide for a personalized fit.
  • The overlay ties can be worn knotted with the ends hanging down to the side — see hat on left in picture above.
  • The ties also can be knotted and tucked in — see hat in lower middle of picture above.
  • The overlay ties can be worn to contrast or match the color in the body of the hat.
  • You can substitute your own print silk scarf for the ties for a different look.

The Reversible Hat is all about the details in construction.

  • This reversible cancer hat is made from two layers of fabric like having two hats in one.
  • The two layers give the hat extra body as do the tiny tucks in the back and the small pleat in the front.
  • There are four tiny tucks evenly spaced around the the crown to encourage the crown to have a bit of a lift and conform to the curve of the head for better fit.
  • The overlay ties have "give" and memory (they don't stretch out) because they are cut on the bias (across the grain of the fabric). The result is a more comfortable and better fitting tie.

The Reversible Set is a good choice for a woman in chemotherapy who wants the look of a variety of cancer hats without the expense and who enjoys exploring the many different styles that can be created with a single set of one reversible hat and two overlay ties.

The Reversible hat is a good choice for women with average to large heads. It is not recommended for women with small heads. For suggestions for women with small heads, please email or call 215-247-8777.

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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