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Quilted Scarf Pad

The Quilted Scarf Pad is designed to wear under chemo headwear to add body and fullness to cancer hats, chemo caps and scarves.

It is constructed of a thin layer of polyester batting sandwiched between two layers of unbleached muslin cotton, with the three layers quilted together.

The quilted liner helps give chemo headwear a more rounded look and avoids the flat look from wearing headwear during chemotherapy hair loss.

A small opening in the top of the Scarf Pad allows for ventilation and prevents heat build up.

Quilted Scarf Pad
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Quilted Scarf Pad
Quilted Scarf Pad
soft, washable 100% cotton
" I am so happy I found your company. "
K.W., Milford, MI
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Style # WQ700 $19.99

More About the Quilted Scarf Pad...

The Scarf Pad is an original design I developed as a result of my own experience with hair loss during chemotherapy.

As a cancer patient concealing hair loss, it seemed that most hats and scarves I wore would have looked better if I had something under them to give them a little more lift and body — the way my hair would if I had hair.

Thus, the creation of the Scarf Pad, essentially a cushion between the bald head and the headwear. I designed my Scarf Pad in 1992, and of all my designs I am most proud of this one. Not surprisingly, it has been copied, but not always with the same quality fabric or care to detail. And, like all Just In Time original designs, all my Scarf Pads are made in the USA.

The Scarf Pad is a perfect gift for cancer patients. Many women experiencing hair loss for the first time do not realize that such a product exists, much less where to buy it.

Many consider the Scarf Pad an essential accessory for concealing hair loss, and buy it in both terry cloth and quilted fabric for versatility.

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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