Soft Hats Designed for Women with Hair Loss
All hats made in USA of soft 100% cotton
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Spring/Summer Collection
• for warmer weather •
Many of the styles have selected one or more colors to be on SALE - at a reduced price

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For specific recommendations for very large or very small heads, contact me.

Advantages of Spring/Summer Collections of Hats For Cancer Patients

Hats for cancer patients, like other items of clothing, are seasonal.

The cancer hats in the Spring/Summer Collection are made of 100% cotton jersey knit, a lighter weight, more porous fabric that is more comfortable in the heat.

Colors in the Spring/Summer Collection are also most compatible with colors generally found in summer wardrobes. In addition to the basic neutral colors of black, navy and ivory, there are light blues, pale violets, pinks and lavenders in the Spring/Summer Collection of hats for cancer patients.

Comfort is usually the first consideration when selecting a hat to be worn during hair loss or for a gift for a cancer patient. The 100% cotton hats in the Spring/Summer collection are designed specifically to be comfortable in warmer weather. They are also a perfect choice for women who, because of medication or medical condition, feel warm all the time and want a cancer hat to conceal their hair loss that does not make them feel too hot.

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