Soft Hats Designed for Women with Hair Loss
All hats made in USA of soft 100% cotton
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How would you describe the quality of your headwear?

I design all my own hats and turbans and quality is my first consideration.

All headwear is 100% cotton, allowing hats to breathe and have natural give, unlike more restricting synthetic fabric or synthetic blends. Even the elastic is cotton, which has superior give and memory and is less likely to stretch out of shape the way synthetic elastic can.

My hats and turbans are sewn with great care to detail. As a result, my hats are more durable and hold up better to repeated wearing and washing. These details make my headwear more flattering and comfortable, and a better fit. - See following question about details.

What are some examples of the detailing in your hats that distinguishes them from others?

Different detailing is used on different styles.

Tucks - Styles with a circular crown, like Soft Lines Turban, Reversible Hat and Ties and Braid Set and Fold Up Hat have four small tucks set into the crown to give the crown a gentle lift for a more flattering look.

Topstitching - Hats such as the Summer Beret, Fold Up Hat, Sleep Cap, and Soft Lines Turban lines have seams top-stitched for added structure and foolproof durability. Seams with the added reinforcement of top stitching are less likely to open with repeated wear.

Pressed seams - All seams are pressed for a smooth finish and to avoid any "puffy-patches" in the construction.

Reversible - The Reversible Hat is reversible, offering more versatility, like having two hats in one. The two layers also provide extra volume and body to the hats.

Accessories - Companion accessories such as overlay ties and an overlay braid are offered with the Reversible Hat and Ties and Braid Set. The Soft Lines Turban hat has a removable butterfly tie.

Lining - The Fold Up Hat has a lining of French terry to give the cuff of the hat a soft, fuller body. The lining is sewn between two layers of fabric in the cuff of the hat, so you can feel it but not see it.

Pleats - The Reversible Hat and Overlay Ties Set has a 2 inch horizontal pleat in the front and three 1 inch pleats in the back. The result is flattering, gentle, unstructured folds in the body of the hat. The Fold Up Hat has eight tiny long vertical pencil pleats in the body of the hat for body, interest and structure.

Presentation - all hats and turbans are packed in a resealable plastic bag. Instructions for washing are included as well as suggestions for different ways to wear the hats.

Are your prices competitive?

Given the quality of my headwear, my prices are a great value. I can keep prices low and still offer the highest quality fabric and workmanship because of my low overhead. I design my own hats, hire my own seamstresses and work out of my home. When you buy from me, you buy direct from the manufacturer; there is no middle person.

What is the difference between hats found in departments stores and your hats designed for women with cancer?

Hats designed specifically for women with hair loss must be slightly smaller than regular hats since there is little or no hair to take up room under the hat. They must also provide total coverage of the hair line and fit securely on the head.

Women with no hair also need headwear from natural fibers allowing the hat to "breathe" and be less likely to become too hot or too cold on the head. All of my hats are 100% cotton.

A hat designed for women with hair loss must be comfortable enough to wear all day, when taking it off in public is not an option. My headwear is that comfortable.

Is there any difference between the Fall/Winter Line and the Spring/Summer line besides some different colors and styles?

Yes. The hats in the Spring/Summer line and the Fall/Winter line use different types of cotton fabric.

Hats in the Spring/Summer line are made from 100% cotton Jersey, a lighter and more porous weave, that allows for better ventilation. The jersey is used to provide a cooler hat in heat. Hats in the Spring/ Summer line are recommended for warmer climates.

Hats in the Fall/Winter line are made from 100% cotton interlock fabric. The interlock has more body and is warmer in the cold. Hats in the Fall/Winter line are recommended for cooler climates.

What is your return policy?

Hat are returnable for exchange only. Hats must be returned within two weeks from the time of receipt and should include a note indicating the item requested for exchange. No refunds are given. Should you select a more expensive item for the exchange, please include a check for the difference.

Are there any additional postage and handling fees for exchanges?

No. The customer is responsible for the cost of postage for returning the hat. However, there is no postage and handling charge for sending the exchange back to the customer.

What are the shipping and handling fees for US orders?

The charge is $6, regardless of the number of hats ordered.

How do you ship?

All orders go out US Mail, First Class.

How long does it take to get my order?

All orders are shipped out 24 to 48 hours of being received, not including weekends and holidays. They are usually received between 3 to 6 business days of date shipped, depending how far the order is being sent from Philadelphia. Orders send to the west coast may take a little longer.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, orders for cancer hats are sent to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe including the United Kingdom (UK).

What is the postage charge to send cancer hats to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe including the United Kingdom (UK)?

Orders sent to Canada are charged $10, regardless of the number of hats ordered.
Orders sent to Australia or New Zealand are charged $18, regardless of the number of hats ordered.
Orders sent to Europe, including the United Kingdom (UK), are charged $16, regardless of the number of hats ordered.
All orders sent outside the United States are sent by Air Mail (Par Avion) through the United States Postal Service.

When hats are shipped out side the USA who pays for any customs, taxes or value added taxes at the country of destination?

The prices for Just In Time hats do not include any taxes, customs charges in or value added taxes (VAT) for countries out side the USA.

Once shipped outside the USA, any taxes, or custom fees of the country of shipping destination must be paid by the customer.

If you have any questions about the amount, if any, of these charges you should contact division of postal customs in the country to which the package is being shipped.

Where are your hats made?

All my headwear is made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by very skilled seamstresses.

How do I care for my hats, once I get them?

All hats are made from 100% cotton and must be cared for accordingly. Cold water gentle cycle and line dry. They may also be dry cleaned. Washing instructions are included with every hat.

Softhats may be ordered by phone, fax, online, or mail.

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