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Two Overlooked Essentials for Managing Hair Loss

No one is really prepared for hair loss, but if it happens, we learn and we adapt.

Some headwear needs may not be obvious. Here are two items that can make hair loss more manageable, yet often go undiscovered:

  1. Scarf Pads
  2. Chemo Sleep Caps

Scarf Pads

It is unlikely to occur to a woman with hair loss that she might want a Scarf Pad — essentially a soft padding to be worn between her bald head and her soft cancer hats or scarves.

Yet, once a woman with hair loss puts her cancer hats or scarves on her bald head, she is often disappointed by how flat and unbecoming they can look. Plain chemo headwear can lack body to frame her face. THE SCARF PAD offers a solution!

The Just In Time Scarf Pad is designed to wear under cancer hats and scarves to provide more body to the headwear and more height to the crown. It can also be used under regular hats to fill in the size gap that hair loss can leave.

The Scarf Pad is constructed of six separate panels angled to fit the contours of the head, with an opening in the top to prevent heat build up.

Available in two fabric choices – quilted cotton muslin and pre-washed 100% cotton terry cloth.

The Scarf Pad is my own original design, conceived after my personal experience with hair loss as a result of my chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Chemo Sleep Caps

Sleep Cap

The term "sleep cap" conjures up images of something Victorians wore in bed on cold nights, something not necessary with the advent of central heating.

But a head without hair can get cold at night. And a woman with hair loss is usually shedding hair on the pillow, which can be depressing to clean up. The CHEMO SLEEP CAP offers a solution!

The Chemo Sleep Cap is designed specifically to wear in bed at night to keep the head warm and the shedding contained. It is much easier to shake out a Sleep Cap than it is to change a pillow case.

A proper Chemo Sleep Cap should be sized for a woman without hair, 100% cotton (to breathe), minimal enough to stay in place without fitting like a bathing cap, and loose enough to be comfortable and not interfere with a good night's sleep.


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